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Choosing the right adhesive, adhesive installation guide.

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 The surface must be clean, dry and free of grease and should be as even as possible. We recommend sanding the surface in advance. The surface must be clean, dry and free of grease and should be as even as possible.  

To ensure easy installation, keep the glues at room temperature 24 hours in advance.

Always use our special Decofix glues for quality adhesion.  Each 310ml tube fixes 7.5 lineal metres of cornice, skirting or architrave. 

For fixing, use Decofix Pro (Blue tube) for porous surfaces and Decofix Hydro (Green Tube) for wet, sealed or slippery surfaces such as glass.  If unsure, wipe a damp cloth across the surface of the substrate, if the water is absorbed us Decofix Pro, if the water sits on the top of the substrate use Deco
Hydro .

For joining, Use Deco Extra (Orange tube) this welds the pieces together for a seamless finish.  Run a thin bead along the back of the join to avoid ooze on the front surface.  Wipe away any excess and avoid contact with your hands.  Any excess will dry hard as a clear resin which can be sanded with a fine grade sandpaper.  If you have a question please ask us.

Installation Guide 

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