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Indirect Lighting Profiles

 Strengthen the architecture
Times change, styles change and tastes change. Lighting is the perfect example of this, and indirect lighting even more so. While lighting used to be primarily functional, these days lighting is used to create a specific, almost essential ambience. It transforms your living and working spaces into a place of genuine experience.
Effective integration of indirect lighting in your living and working spaces can create a real WOW effect along with just the right experience in and around the spaces. While functionality certainly remains important, the feeling you gain from the space as you 'exist' within it is even more integral.
Indirect lighting makes life and work full of happiness. It provides character to the space and energy to those who live and work there.
Indirect lighting elements really create the atmosphere in private homes, shops, offices and hotels. Like all other Orac Decor® products, they can be painted along with the walls and ceilings.
The range offers sleek designs as well as organically shaped models and most can be fitted as an up or downlighter. One thing is certain: they strengthen the architecture and are guaranteed to provide the right mood.

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